Emergency Response Team (ERT)

First on Scene Training provides a full series of Emergency Response Team training service.

What is ERT
ERT or Emergency Response Team is a collection of employees that have agreed and been trained to respond to an emergency at their place of work. These employees are provided with authorization to direct and respond to a site emergency. In many cases they have been issued response equipment to assist in responding to the emergency. The better this team is trained and outfitted with proper response gear the better their response will be. The ERT works with the Facilities organization. Facilities have the primary responsibility of the physical building or plant where the ERT is concerned with the employees.

In addition to the foundation courses CPR/AED and First Aid. We offer as series of courses to expand the teams knowledge.

  • Building Evacuation
  • Crowd Control
  • Medical Call
  • Triage
  • Secure area safely
  • Shelter in place
  • Snake Awareness
  • Incident Comand Ssystem (ICS)
  • Communication during an emeregncy
  • How to implement a Mass Causality Incident (MCI)
  • How to setup a Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
  • First Responder teams go by various names:
    Corporate Organization
  • ERT- Emergency Response Team
  • EERT- Employee Emergency Response Team
  • SERT- Site Emergency Response Team
  • Community Organization
  • CERT- Community Emergency Response Team
  • DART- Disaster Assistance Response Team
  • DSW- Disaster Service Works
  • MRC- Medical Reserve Corp
  • Levels of ERT Training

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